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Batman - Spot The Difference Batman - Spot The Difference

Identify the differences and click it to confirm

Batman vs Dracula Batman vs Dracula

Figure out the image by arranging the scrambled pieces.

Memory Balls Batman Memory Balls Batman

Memorize and match the pattern.

Sort My Tiles Batman Sort My Tiles Batman

See the cape crusaer in action.

Batman Difference Detector Batman Difference Detector

Find the difference between the 2 identical Batman image.

Dragon Ball Alphabet Dragon Ball Alphabet

Goku is on a mission to find the Dragon Balls, for that you need to help him to find the hidden Alph...

The Avengers Space Cannon The Avengers Space Cannon

Use the space cannon to eliminate all the bubbles clones and free the world.Clear all the Bubbles by...

Ben 10 Alien Quest Ben 10 Alien Quest

Help Ben 10 find the right quests as soon as possible

Tom and Jerry Hidden Objects Tom and Jerry Hidden Objects

A fun Tom and Jerry style game. Many things are hidden behind the classical Tom and Jerry pictures. ...

Spiderman Couples Spiderman Couples

A puzzle game with many characters including Spider-man. Connects all the faces of the same type of ...

Sonic Heroes Puzzle Sonic Heroes Puzzle

Help Sonic high score to winning the Computer

Ben 10 Alien Card Ben 10 Alien Card

Play Ben 10 Alien Ultimate Games with Ben 10 Alien Card.Find the right card and make the bonus.

Naruto Memory Card Naruto Memory Card

Use your skill to identify all characters in the Naruto Card Game

Fairly Odd Parents Fast Fame Fairly Odd Parents Fast Fame

It's Wanda's big moment and she forgot her wand! Help Timmy save the day!

Fairly Odd Parents Yugopotamia Mania Fairly Odd Parents Yugopotamia Mania

Help Timmy make an alien invasion magically disappear!

Spongebob Click Alike Spongebob Click Alike

Click and match the identical tiles on the board and see the full image below. Earn score for every ...

Ben 10 Alphabet Finder Ben 10 Alphabet Finder

Play with your favourite characters from Ben 10 this Hidden Alphabet game, where you have to find al...

Beyblade Chaos Beyblade Chaos

Clear the Beystadium by clicking to select and remove Beyblades of the same colour. Just remember th...

Beyblade Rip Zone Beyblade Rip Zone

Connect the matching Beyblades to boost your energy for the next match. Use key and space bar to sho...

The Avengers - Spot the Differences The Avengers - Spot the Differences

Find out the differences between the images of the heroes of The Avenger, that look the same but a f...

Web of Words - Spiderman Web of Words - Spiderman

Climb to the top to defeat Octopus using your words skills ans Spiderman Super Powers. Type the word...

Spongebob Flying Spongebob Flying

Help Spongebob matching color blocks of 2 or more to clear the board. Press space bar to use special...

Spongebob Super Stacker Spongebob Super Stacker

Spongebob likes to catch jellyfish but accidently entered the magic physical world!You need to help ...

Pink Panther 2 Sonia's Surveillance Pink Panther 2 Sonia's Surveillance

Listen and look for the clues! Watch the trailer closely. At the end of the trailer, you will be ask...

Pink Panther And Pals Matching Pairs Pink Panther And Pals Matching Pairs

Click the cards to match the pairs of Pink Panther and Pals characters.

Mario Bubbles Mario Bubbles

Play with your favourite Mario characters in this adventure, where you will company Mario matching B...

Sort My Tiles Spongebob Sort My Tiles Spongebob

Sort the tiles to get Spongebob in this puzzle.

Puzzle Fun Dora with Boots Puzzle Fun Dora with Boots

Enjoy this puzzle fun game with dora and boots.

Mr Krabs Makes Cents Mr Krabs Makes Cents

One of SpongeBob's friends, Mr. Krabs needs money. Your mission while playing SpongeBob Mr Krabs Mak...

Spiderman Rush Spiderman Rush

You have to help Spiderman in his ride and perform thrilling stunts with perfect balance and control...